Random thoughts with a spattering of thoughtfulness.

Fall Like Rain

Fall Like Rain…How?

A Pseudo Summer Rain

In that surreal space on the edge of sleep one night, an image took shape behind my eyelids. The image itself was nothing spectacular, just my neighborhood street under the low-hanging, soggy clouds of a summer afternoon rain storm. For an instant, I watched the rain fall in my mind’s eye.

What was striking about this particular flash of brain activity right before falling asleep wasn’t the image, but the metaphor with which it came.

In a moment of watching an imaginary rain, I saw life. Each raindrop was a single life. Condensed from seemingly nothingness as a result of atmospheric conditions, released on a particular trajectory with no control over the world through which it passes, and smashed into seeming non-existence as it rejoins the earth and those which came before.

The Rain Storm Perspective

The thought that stuck with me immediately after this little spike in brain activity and right before I fell asleep was, “I want to fall like rain.”

We want to believe we have control over every aspect of our lives, but what if we’re just passing through? We all search for purpose, but what if our purpose is just to enjoy the view and be happy?

This idea, of course, isn’t new. Countless people have put a lot of work into this and similar ideas. Many of whose work is well-researched, published and lines countless self-help bookshelves and who are certainly more credible then some girl spouting random thoughts that cross her mind.

It’s interesting, however, of all the material advising people to just be happy the idea is still scoffed at by the majority. And yet, life, or the universe or whatever, continues to blast us with experiences–like my pre-sleep metaphor– encouraging us to do just that.

Even as a believer and follower of this concept, I often get drawn into the day-to-day drama of my culture and society. There are times when and places where I just can’t seem to maintain my inner-peace. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’m sure other people who try to live by similar ideas experience moments when they’re drawn back in to negative thoughts and the control-illusion.

Why is it so hard for us to just let go? Why are we so consumed by our need for control, or to be the victim, or to be miserable, when it’s just as easy to let it go and be happy?

So, what I’m striving to remember since that night is to simply fall like rain and let life lead.


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